Sunday, 1 July 2018

Wedding Dinner

A Box of Sweets.

Starters: Chicken Tikka, Samosa, Sheek Kebab, Fish Cake & Mint Sauce.

Main: Chicken Tikka Curry & Rice.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tony the Tiger Advert

I stumbled across this advert a few weeks back, it bought back some memories as this was the first project I worked on after graduating from Animation. I thought I'd share my experience.

After graduating from Animation in 2010, the hunt was on for J.O.B. Many, many, rejected emails later i just got a part time job in retail, you know to feed my addiction (rent, travel and chocolates).

While working in retail I would still be drawing and occasionally send an email to a studio for any open/opening positions.

With a little bit of luck, a studio in London replied writing they have a position open for a 'runner' (the trainers (sneakers for the US viewers) are on my feet already). I accepted humbly (ALRIGHT! I'm IN :O).

The studio told me from the start, the pay wouldn't be great as they are a small studio with small  jobs coming in and out all the time so, I contact some friends, friends of family and families of families and got a place to stay temporarily with a friend until i could find something of my own.

Everything sorted for now, I handed in my notice to 'retail job', packed my bag and off i went to the ... BIG CITY (MASSIVE for me, I've lived in the countryside with more open fields than buildings)!

I get into London, its all very different, well out of my comfort zone (the things we do for the careers we love). Nervous first but, how do I get to work! A quick look at a 'Map App' (rhyme intended) and I'm back on track, or so I thought... I'm LOST!

I'm running 45 minutes late, the phone rings, who is it? The new boss. Daym... I answer the phone and let them know that I'm lost and ill be as soon as possible. The new boss took it well and before long, i ended up at my new work (RELIEF).

As a runner I would open up the studio (except the first day), be a specialist in hot beverages and generally run around whatever needs to be done. It was an exciting and awesome.

Any free time there was in the studio, I was tasked with helping In-House Projects and my personal favourite, working on a Frosties advert and drawing Tony the Tiger (limited but, it was an eye opener).

*I remember doing some trace for the Frosties advert, I was pretty proud until I showed my boss, from what I thought was a decent trace, he found 30 mistakes in one cell. It was hard to take but, its only way to learn*

After 5 weeks working, running, learning the tricks of the trade and becoming a decent in house barista, the Frosties advert came to an end and so to, did my contract. It was good and i ddi hope they would have more projects lined up but, unfortunately nothing.

Before I left, I did ask the boss why he gave me an opportunity to work at his studio prior to NO EXPERIENCE. He pointed out some drawings in my portfolio and said "these drawings are really good, you've got good potential, thought I'd give you a shot"


Even though my short career as a runner ended, the fact that my boss said I've got potential was one of the best feelings ever.

After working there, I returned back home (countryside), out of the city and back to applying for more jobs in animation and illustration.

Monday, 17 October 2016


For the past 2 and a half months all I've been drawing is Rabbits and Tortoises. Its been great.... and not so great. I had a little teeny weeny bit of help of my good friend Kayvon Darabi-Fard (he's a good egg). Below are all the drawings I didn't use for my portfolio update but there still valuable enough to put up on my blog :)


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Reading Artists (Alex T Smith)

I had to do test for a studio that involved me to draw in the style of illustrator Alex T Smith. It was a good 'reading' exercise in more ways one unfortunately, with the fantastic talent out there, I did not get  the gig. It looks like a really fun and exciting project to work on. Good Luck SixteenSouth.