Monday, 15 December 2008

"Jack the Russel"


Sm@rkata said...


I like your blog very much, especially your chara design!!^^

I’m Sophie, young animation addict, 19, from Brussels, Belgium. I have been accepted to AIB for BA Animation Production. I am also accepted to others schools in Belgium and France, so I would like to learn as much information as possible about the course (I am also asking other people of AIB). I would really like to make “the good choice” for my school, and I hope you can help me! :)

So, my questions are the following:
1) First, very basic question, do you like the course?
2) What is exactly your everyday schedule? (from Monday to Friday, what courses do you have?)(question about the courses you have, both “theoretical” (history of art, etc) and “practical” (drawing courses,...))

Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to come for Open Days, so I am using internet to ask about animation at AIB...

Many thanks in advance!!


Ibrahim Khan said...

hi there Sophie, thanks for your comments. should you come to aib? good question. ive always wanted to come here since i was young, that's my reason.

i like the course, dislike the course. a bit of both. but its good to know what you wanna specialize in. if its purely animation then just stick to it. its also handy to know how to good story works in animation (basic). theory and history ive learned a lot from AIB.

1st year- just basics of animation, life drawing and layouts. you do this so you find what your good at, but its best to find out wot your good at before.

2nd year- you work for the 3rd year on their film (first term compulsory, after that you can do your own thing) and maybe the 1st years help sometimes. also get more in depth with animation studies with story telling and character in animation. at the end you pitch your idea for a film you wanna make in the third year. but if your film doesn't get through you work on another class mates film your interested in.

3rd year- you make the film and work on your portfolio

and............... there are 2 essays to do every year, until 3rd year when u do a big dissertation.

hope that's helped. sorry for not contacting you sooner. i didn't notice the comment until recently.

i would like to see your blog and your work, but its private. dammmmm

what other uni have you looked at in France and Belgium?