Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Had some sketches of "Love BIRDS" from Marwell Zoo, so i thought i'de draw some characters from it.


Marguerite Dumans said...

you really DO love birds :D ahahah nice ! :D another one ! :P

7414Stars said...

Nice character designs!

hélène leroux said...

hey ibs, cheers for your comment, i can see you did more stuff as well !! its cool, keep on doing : P (are you ready to get a job now?? ; )

Marguerite Dumans said...

Ahah. Cheers Ibby for your comment :D now I know at least 2ppl are lookin at my blog :P That makes me want to update more :D

BTW... WHere's the UPDATE Ibbs ? :D
(ur finished with essays now ! no excuse ! :D)