Thursday, 23 September 2010

...more Barry.

Old bit of painting I found on the Mac. I did this during the end of our graduation Barry's Ices. We used this as a background to credit people who worked on the film.

... and the ice creams.


Michael Gardiner said...

looking good ibs. those designs are really cool. love the style.

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

mm looks yummy! i love the one shaped like a head haha. are there actually ice creams shaped like that?

Ibrahim Khan said...

Cheers guys.

There are Spongebob and Mickey Mouse versions of these ice creams, but none like the one shaped as that head, because he was the main character in our grad film.

Tegan Jephcott said...

This is old, man.

Where's the new stuff?

Ibrahim Khan said...

....i'm doin a little commission, nothing major. I'm draggin it on a bit. Don't worry, next week i'll be posting at least every other day..... hopefully. ;)