Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bird of some sort.

These tiny birds were in the same "cage" as the Marabou Stork in Marwell Zoo, but i didn't have a look at thier name. Ooops! (I think they might be called Ibis... I think)


Tegan Jephcott said...

I think they are Ibis.

I like those guys.

Ibrahim Khan said...

YESSS! the plan is to work on these more. See what happens.

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Dude!!
Thanks for your message!!
As for the latest disney piece on my blog, it was a commission i was asked to do for a Christmas present. The Client was a bit of a prat and kept changing their mind. Was nightmare to work for. They wanted me to characture their children with originally just Mickey, but then kept adding to it... and didn't pay up the full amount!!! Grrrr!!
In the end they are not an artist and haven't got a clue how long these things take.
The pic was all drawn traditionally, then painted digitally. As they kept changing their mind and the date they wanted it by, sadly i couldn't finish it to the quality i wanted too.
Donald is probably the most finished character (apart from his feet)... but the whole picture is meant to match his painted quality.
The tree was literally rushed in at the end in less than an hour before they came to collect it.

Originally i was happy with it, but as the customer really peed me off... i kinda lost heart with it.
I will eventually finish it as soon as iv got time. Im just a busy bunny at the mo, working on lots of different bits... including a test for a certain LA company.... If it works out... all will be revealed soon.

Hope you are well and keep up the great work. Like i said, with the indian drawing, im loving your line work. i like the different pressures and styles you used for his turban and hair. it all looks great!! I wanna see more!!

All the best dude, and if you ever want any comments, crtis and advice, just give us a shout!

Keep the scribbles coming!!! :D