Friday, 5 September 2014

WEEK 6 - Versa-STYLE

The ability to have versatility in style was this weeks task. 

The first dragon is a very simplified, curvy, vibrant  Jay Ward, UPA style.

The second dragon is a Ronald Searle style. A very inky, sharp style with a lot more detail than you would find in a Jay Ward design.

I hope the designs have justified the two artists that inspired me.


1 comment:

Luis Sanches said...

Hey Ibbs! Just wanted to say I love your latest work and I hope you find the strength to keep going man.
I'm curious to see how you would tackle some backgrounds or environments in this style of yours. (of course if your thing is character design forget the last sentence).
Anyway, just keep going man. I'm really impressed with what you're doing.

Rock on!!