Friday, 12 September 2014


Characterising an animal from reference was this weeks assignment. We had any choice of animal to choose from, so i choose a RHINO.

Final rhino design with references used.

The process I used from rough to final design. The initial sketch, vectorised shapes made in Illustrator and the final textured version painted in Photoshop.

A background added with the 2 characters. Painting backgrounds isn't my strongest asset but, I'm going Rambo (fearless) at the moment in all aspects of design. 

This was also requested by a friend of mine (Luis). He wanted to see how I would tackle combining characters with backgrounds. I hope I did well. 

Thanks for visiting.

original painting without cropping.


Luis Sanches said...

I´m loving it man. Specially the way you keep your lines quite simple but focus a lot on the design. I think the background fits really well within the style of the characters lines.

Anyway, it's inspiring and it's making me experiment a lot more with my pencil :)

keep rocking Ibbs!

Luis Sanches said...

Oh , and another thing, I just realized that what I like more in your recent characters is that although they're apparently simple, they are at the same time extremely expressive. They 'punch' you with their expression. Instant communication of what the character is feeling. I love that :)